Multiple viewpoint contract

Item exchange contracts are formalized trade deals where an item is exchanged for ISK or for another item.

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To create an item exchange contract, right click on the item you intend to contract and select 'Create Contract'. Make sure the contract type is 'Item exchange'. If the contract is intended for a single pilot or for a specific corporation, select 'Private' for availability.

If the contract is available to everyone select 'Public'. The third window allows you to set a price for the item and the contract duration. You can request ISK as payment or an item of your choice. If you request an item in exchange for the item or ISK you are providing you tick in the box 'Also request items from buyer' and type in the name of the item you wish to receive and the quantity. The contract duration can be up to four weeks. Click 'Next' when you are ready to finalize the contract.

The last window displays the contract as you have set it up. After you have reviewed it, select 'Finish' to issue the contract.

You can cancel your outstanding contracts at any time. If the location of the contract is destroyed or unanchored while the contract is outstanding, the contract is cancelled and its items are moved to Asset Safetyunless the location was a structure in a wormhole system. It is possible to also ask for items to be provided to complete the contract. To do so, the check box "Also request items from buyer" needs to be checked.

The contract creator can then specify the item type as well as the amount to be delivered in order to complete the contract. The contract system will only accept repackaged items for these contracts, which have to be located within the hangar of the station the contract was created on.

This means that it is not possible to request fitted ships, blueprint copies or researched blueprints to be delivered into a contract. Type the name of the pilot or corporation you wish to issue the contract to and click 'Next'.

Multiple viewpoints: More data is better!

Confirm the items you wish to contract in this window and select 'Next'. Asking for Items in an Item Exchange contract Want to Buy It is possible to also ask for items to be provided to complete the contract. Attachments No Attachments with this Article. Powered by Zendesk.The purpose is to maintain, modernize, and repair the USS Preble. BAE Systems will provide the facilities and human resources capable of completing, coordinating, and integrating multiple areas of ship maintenance, repair, and modernization for USS Preble.

Work will be performed in San Diego, California, and is expected to be complete by February Fiscal other procurement Navy This contract was competitively procured using full and open competition via the Federal Business Opportunities website with two competitive proposals received in response to Solicitation No.

The base contract also included options for associated support efforts related to the construction and delivery for engineering and industrial services, and provisioned items orders.

Work under the first order will be performed in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and is expected to be complete by March This contract was procured as a small business set-aside.

multiple viewpoint contract

Work will be performed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and is expected to be completed by March All structures will be low-rise steel frame with reinforced concrete masonry unit with reinforced masonry walls, brick veneer, reinforced concrete floors, and standing seam metal roof.

The automotive vehicle maintenance shop includes administrative and support space, work bays for inspection, maintenance and repair of transportation equipment, classrooms, and storage areas for parts and supplies.

The humidity-controlled warehouse will be a high bay facility that will house a ton capacity overhead crane. The electronics communication maintenance shop includes administrative and support space, equipment maintenance and training areas, and storage areas for parts and supplies.

The combat vehicle maintenance shop includes administrative and support space, work bays for inspection, maintenance and repair of transportation equipment, classrooms, and storage areas for parts and supplies. The magazine will be used for the storage and handling of reduced range practice rounds to support live-fire HIMARS training. This contract was competitively procured via the Government Point of Entry Contract Opportunities on beta.

Pacific Maritime Industries Corp.

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The contracts will run concurrently and will include a month base ordering period with an additional six-month ordering period option pursuant of Federal Acquisition Regulation The base ordering period is expected to be completed by August ; if the option is exercised, the ordering period will be completed by February Specific requirements for habitability support cannot be predicted at this time; therefore, the various locations of where the supplies will be delivered cannot be determined at this time.

Individual task orders will be subsequently funded with appropriate fiscal year appropriations at the time of their issuance. This contract was competitively procured with the solicitation posted on beta. PTC Inc. This option exercises and funds an option for Model Based Production Support integration and development support.

Work will be performed in Boston, Massachusetts, and is expected to be complete by June Diehl T-AO Funds will be obligated Aug. Contract completion will be Dec. Work will be performed in Boston, Massachusetts, and is expected to begin Oct.

Multiple Viewpoint Contract-Based Specification and Design

This contract was competitively procured, with proposals solicited via the beta. The U. The work to be performed includes performing spall and crack repairs to concrete pile caps, beams, curtain wall, utility vault, deck above and belowdeck curbs, and mooring foundations; replacing timber deck curbing with concrete; repairing concrete piles by installing epoxy-filled fiberglass jackets; installing a cathodic protection system for the steel sheet piles; replacing timber fender piles with precast concrete fender piles with rub strips; replacing timber wales and chocks at the deck level and timber framing near the waterline with plastic lumber; refurbishing steel cleats and connection hardware; replacing potable water piping and deteriorated utility hangers.

Work will be performed in Oahu, Hawaii and is expected to be completed by September Four proposals were received for this task order. Work is expected to be completed Aug. If all options are exercised, work will continue through Feb. Fiscal operations and maintenance Marine Corps ; and research and development Navy funds will be utilized to award this contract.

This amount will be obligated at the time of award and will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.There are multiple articlestalksand podcasts that address the topic of what the Model-View-Intent architecture is, but I rarely hear about what I think are the principles of this architecture. The MVI architecture is a pattern which aims at organizing the higher layers, i. Now, the architecture is reactive and since most of us, Android developers are not used to the reactive paradigmI believe the simplicity of the MVI architecture remains overlooked.

As I see it, the simplicity is found in a contract which the MVI architecture defines that the developer needs to respect. The UI or the View is separated into two distinct components: the listening and the rendering. The job of the rendering part is to render a state onto the screen e.

In Android, inputs and outputs are at the same place. The listening only listens to the user. The rendering only listens to emitted states from the ViewModel. It can only read it. If the user clicks on a refresh button, the code should not display a loading view. It only needs to emit an intent which conveys that the refresh button has been clicked.

If extra information is needed, the listening may read the UI e. It can only write it. It means that the state which is going to be rendered, is self-sufficient. It should contain every data required to render the screen.

Does ProContractor Really Integrate Estimating, Project Management and Accounting?

It emits intents for the ViewModel to listen to, this it the job of the listening. It also takes a state to render a screen, this is the job of the rendering. The UI has only one entry point, and it has only one exit point.

In Android, because of configuration changesthe UI may have a shorter lifecycle than the ViewModel. The ViewModel should never be affected by the lifecycle of the UI. Even if the UI disconnects or is discarded, the ViewModel should keep its data flow alive in order to keep ongoing processes and the latest cached state safe. It takes an observable of intents in order to execute their corresponding business logic.This website stores cookies on your computer.

These cookies are used to improve your website and to provide more personlised services to you, both on this website and through other media. To find out more about the cookies we use see our Privacy Policy. Ian Bryce Feb 5, AM. For most businesses, Excel will generally have a role to play at some point in the management of contracts.

As a starting point, we've also developed some free Excel templates to help you manage your contracts in a straightforward manner:. As a business grows, and generates more contract agreements, so too does the need for a central repositorywhere the data can be tracked.

So how can you do this effectively and what are the risks and limitations with using Excel for managing your contracts and suppliers? Effective contract management comes down to knowing your dates, so these need to be at the heart of your spreadsheet. Now that you have this, you can use it to keep track of how long it is until specific milestones are up for each contract. Create a rule for the column that says if the number is greater than 30 but less than 90, to highlight the cell in orange.

The simplest way to achieve this with Excel is to set a password on the workbook. Immediately, this will limit the ability for people to change the data in your document. This will then make it difficult later on to filter and monitor your data. The solution is to use Data Validation and a specific list. This will ensure your data is consistent and can be filtered accurately.

Assuming your actual contract documents are also hosted on a shared drive or similar, you can insert the links to them into your Excel document as well. However, your system for storing contracts will also need to be robust and monitored closely to ensure that the current versions are always linked to and previous versions are retained for comparison.

What the above highlights is that Excel can be used as basic resource for managing contracts but there are some obvious drawbacks which can make it unsuitable.

The most crucial issue is that it generally relies on one specific person to build and maintain the sheet and be responsible for its integrity. They might delegate to colleagues to enter some of the data but that will need to be closely monitored to make sure of accuracy. Version control is another major problem with Excel. How many times have you had to ask colleagues who are working on the same document which version you should be using?

Everyone seems to have a different idea about what a logical sequence should look like and the more people who have a need to access a document the worse it gets. Contract management, by its very nature is a collaborative process with sign-offs and comments to be acknowledged. The latest Microsoft Office solution has addressed some of these collaboration issues and now makes it easier to access documents concurrently and remotely. However, you still run the risk of someone overwriting previous work or breaking certain formatting.

Confidentiality is another issue when it comes to using Excel for managing contracts. A lot of agreements will contain sensitive data such as costs or salaries and will only be appropriate for certain people to view. Linking to documents housed elsewhere, or including the information directly in the spreadsheet, can expose that information to an unnecessarily wide audience.

Without different levels of access and the ability to restrict access by role, you can run the risk of breaching information security requirements. Ultimately, managing contracts is a complex process, requiring a clear record of all agreements and then constant monitoring and updating.Team : J. Wu, P. Ishwar, J.

Pilgrim database

Specifically, we use a popular covariance-based descriptor applied to skeletal joints captured by up to 4 Kinect cameras. In this dataset, users were asked to perform two gestures.

One gesture was a shared gesture S gestureand another was a one they selected user defined gesture. We use Cov3DJ descriptors to evaluate our multiple-viewpoint setup. These descriptors compute covariance matrices from multiple temporal partitions of the skeletal pose-estimates of a gesture sequence and concatenate their upper triangular portions to yield a final descriptor.

The diagram below shows an overview of this process for a single Kinect viewpoint. The aforementioned procedure only applies to a single Kinect viewpoint. If multiple viewpoints are to be considered some sort of fusion is necessary. In this project we consider two types: score and feature fusion. In score fusion, we consider each Kinect viewpoint to be an independent system. Each system computes a score for a given query gesture against a template from the enrollment database, and an aggregate score across all systems is used to determine an acceptance or rejection.

To get a fused score, we apply one of the following operations: min, mean, median. In feature fusion, we consider concatenation : combining features before a covariance matrix is computed.

multiple viewpoint contract

We simply concatenate the feature vectors across all viewpoints. For example, the first row in the tables below shows the Equal Error Rate EER percentages when both training and testing data included no degradations. The subsequent rows show results when no degradations were present at training but individual or all degradations were present during testing.

The tables below show all results for our 2 considered gestures. For additional results other single viewpoints, identification and more in-depth details on our methodology please refer to our paper below. Based on the empirical results presented here, multiple viewpoints undeniably offer clear and significant benefits in terms of both performance and robustness against degradations, over the traditional single-viewpoint setup.

Multiple viewpoints: More data is better!

Multiple Endpoints

A visualization of the process of constructing a Cov3DJ feature vector from the skeletal sequence of a single view. Visualization of score fusion In score fusion, we consider each Kinect viewpoint to be an independent system. Visualization of feature fusion In feature fusion, we consider concatenation : combining features before a covariance matrix is computed. Publications: J. Wu, J. Konrad, and P.Track my home. You've found that diamond-in-the-rough house, but so have five other people—and they're just as qualified and determined as you!

While we'd like to think that all buyers who make an offer are on an even playing field, that's just not the case. The terms of the sale are important as well. It's important for home buyers not to assume that they'll get the opportunity to submit a counteroffer; the seller has no obligation to honor this desire.

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multiple viewpoint contract

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Ad Choices Advertise with us Agent support Products.The Multiple Endpoints sample demonstrates how to configure multiple endpoints on a service and how to communicate with each endpoint from a client. This sample is based on the Getting Started. The service configuration has been modified to define two endpoints that support the ICalculator contract, but each at a different address using a different binding.

The client configuration and code have been modified to communicate with both of the service endpoints. The service Web. The first endpoint is defined at the base address using a basicHttpBinding binding, which does not have security enabled. Both endpoints are also configured on the client. These endpoints are given names so that the caller can pass the desired endpoint name into the constructor of the client.

To build the C or Visual Basic. To run the sample in a single- or cross-machine configuration, follow the instructions in Running the Windows Communication Foundation Samples. The samples may already be installed on your machine. Check for the following default directory before continuing. This sample is located in the following directory.

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Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Note The setup procedure and build instructions for this sample are located at the end of this topic. Important The samples may already be installed on your machine. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit.

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