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Map Features 4X Error-free Seasons ready with snowmask Seasonal textures Added crops Wet corn, alfalfa, milo, rice Alfalfa that re-grows multiple times per season Proper crop destruction for wheat, barley, canola, corn, etc. Map runs good, but some foliage textures can work your computer. If you get poor FPS because of the crop textures, copy your base-game foliage folder to the map folder and it should improve.

This is textured to represent forage corn for silage, will stay green at harvest and yields well through a silage harvester.

However, use it, because it yields higher than regular grass! Do not use clover or SudanGrass crops. Farming Simulator 19 game is so great that is hard to believe that it could be even greater. However, it can be if you play this game with mods!

You can have more fun simply installing Farming Simulator 19 mods. The game became so popular because of supporting mods! What is more, all FS19 mods are completely free. So many improvements new tractors and more are waiting for you until you download all of Farming Simulator mods.

Create your own combination of FS 19 mods and see how it works in game. Download and install these LS 19 mods and create your Farming Simulator 19 game. Welcome to the biggest Farming Simulator modding community! If you like this mod, please comment bellow. March 22, January 9, November 25, I enjoy the map so far but when I try to deliver grain to the port I get the message not to drive too deep in water when I pull in the port area then my driver jumps out of the truck and starts swimming around in mid-air.

I can not get back in the truck and save my load of grain. Do you need help or to say thanks for mod author? Just leave a comment bellow! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. FS 19 Maps 5. Animals were removed, but space left for FS19 placeables to fill the gaps back in. Traffic system and some small details in town were removed to help fix errors and performance.The map was intended for an entry in the contest but was postponed.

Farming Simulator 19 - Map First Impression - Old Timers Farm

The work goes on. Last night, the team released a video, showcasing what will be the vehicle shop when the map arrives, the Midwest Machinery shop. And boy, it looks incredible! It might happen later this month, or in March, or maybe even later.

From what I can understand, the goal is to release the map on all platforms. Please be aware that the map layout may change before release. This makes me sad.

Yes, I know a lot of players want this map yesterday.

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Making a Farming Simulator 19 map takes time. The Mappers Paradise members are some of the really few modders who create most of the models on the map from scratch. Making a grain silo complex, like the one below, includes a lot more work.

So please, let the team use all the time it needs to complete the Millennial map. Search Search for: Search.

The FS19 Medicine Creek Map Has been Released

Switch skin Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. See more Previous article Deutz-Fahr Agrostar 6.

fs19 maps facebook

Close Search for: Search.Farming Simulator 19 Mods 2 Feb, In this case, we are particularly interested in maps mods. If you are wondering, which Farming Simulator 19 best Map mod is, you can choose between the files in our site because we have listed only the best files available.

Probably, there are no wondering, how a Farming Simulator Top 10 Map mod can be useful — it ads the functionality you were missing.

fs19 maps facebook

The most successful players are using FS Top 10 Map mods without any hesitations — so why should you refuse? This will make your game even more exciting and challenging. With Best FS19 Maps everything is possible and you can improve your farm in every way you feel like. The implementation of Ls Top 10 Maps is very simple in comparison to new opportunities and various options that become available.

You will be able to achieve much more in shorter time period. You have all the chances to build the best farm around and get the best of the game.

The best is yet to come, so get ready for that! Of course you can build another farm some were else on the map if you wish to. Also I have adjust and tweaked some placeables all included in the zip file you need to play this map.

Michigan Map v3. Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various FS19 Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular Farming Simulator 19 mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions. You will be able to upgrade your Farming Simulator 19 without any limits the way you have always wanted.

There is nothing you can lose — no risks are guaranteed.

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FS19 Clover Creek v1. Size x4. The map contains the points of purchase and sale.

American & Australian Maps

On the map there are points of sale of loose fertilizer, lime, seeds, manure,slurry, animal feed. Transport missions. Traffic and pedestrian.The Medicine Creek Farming Simulator 19 map is close to being finished. The creator is working hard to make the new map ready for a late January release. The map has gone through testing, eliminating some small errors, while some new elements have found its way into the map.

The new map has many exciting features. It will include multi-angled terrain, making fieldwork look more realistic. There will be dynamic mud in some small areas, together with ditches surrounding the fields and areas where the ground has suffered erosion. It will also be one of few Seasons ready maps that have custom made vegetation textures for each season.

The author is also making a custom GEO mod for it. You can, of course, enjoy the map without using the Seasons mod. And just so you know, there will be no AI traffic with the initial release of the map. Check out the No Creek Farms Facebook page to follow the map-making process and for updates on the release.

Search Search for: Search. Switch skin Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Close Search for: Search.Using DR Modding's pack of sheds to make custom buildings! I gotta say, they are quite helpful and a definite need for any map! Go give his page a like and follow. Alright Farm Sim here as promised here are the 3 placeable Hay Sheds. This is my first release so I really hope everyone enjoys them.

These were also my first m I completely modeled these from ground up including the new light fixtures and the 3d proper scaled 36" high rib siding so no more having to use wonky textures attempting to get some extra realism around the farm. I have a lot of projects in the works including a couple new shops, cold storage buildings and barns. I also have a map that a couple people and myself will be working on for release that will have all brand new buildings, gates, fences and so much more so stay tuned.

Thank you for all the new followers and support! Well would ya just look at that? Hope Courseplay can handle all of this for you guys! Big thanks to Danny for doing this for me:.

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The great Harry Armstrong is full force on making sweet custom barns, He has made numerous buildings native to only this map! The anticipation is worth it everyone! Champlain Valley will be groundbreaking for FS19 Maps!! Especially with the never before released features that I have incorporated from my own creations. The map is coming along every day! More updates will be more frequent from now on! Check out this guy! He's making some pretty good stuff and y'all should go give him some love!

Yo whaddup. Got a couple announcements.I have made a group for people that really like the maps I have made.

I might do something special and you can share photos of your farm on here, in game farm. This is gonna be a little different than the public Dairyland Maps page. Happy Wednesday. Thank you for the kind words about the new map. I've spent a lot of days and hours working on them. These two maps are special to me. I'm glad to share them with you. This is the dairyland state, so it has 2 fixed cow barns.

It has the basic sell points, bales, wood, grain, and milk. Multi terrain angle. I have plenty of farms for you to use and for you to get creative with your own farming style. This map is ready for season for FS Please enjoy. Some pictures for the new map. This is Columbia County, Wisconsin. Being released today, put a lot of hours into this.

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Happy to share with the FS19 pc community. Seasons has came out today, I'll have somethings to fix for my new map Columbia County, was waiting for seasons to be released first before the map. Can't give a good release date yet, but soon. Current project project is still under way, working on it every day. Here's just a preview. Well i have been playing FS19 for last 2 weeks. Actually playing the game. I started a new project, just started a new map right now.

So something to look forward too. I'm kinda curious, can you ladies and gentleman post pictures of your farm setup form my Richland County map, i sure wanna see what you guys do.

Have a good weekend! It has been 2 months since i released my map. So for an update if your wondering if there will be a new map soon. Unfortunate there is not. Sadly i have lost enjoyment for FS19 and played it very little since i released my map on Feb 2, i think the game is beautiful on my end of the graphics.

I was working on a new map after the first one, but have lost interest.This FS19 mod map is based on the northeastern parts of Germany. It has been over 2 years in the making. There are several forests around the map, ideal for some serious logging. And yes, the map also includes various types of missions. Updated March 30, The team behind this beautiful map has posted on Facebook about an update to Kandelin.

Here are some of the changes:. May 23, This beautiful map has changed a lot since the first time we wrote about it. Many of the changes includes bug fixes and adaption to the new patches from Giants.

One of the best news are the PDF manuals. The Kandelin map is complex.

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The manual are very useful in helping you get the most out of it. Here they are:. Here are more of the good stuff from the changelog:. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Best you can do is to download it and try it for yourself. Well, kinda flyable. You can set the speed, but you cannot control stuff like pitch and roll. First, download the mod before unpacking it.

fs19 maps facebook

We hope more map makers will do the same. Just as important is the inclusion of the GlobalCompany script. Most, if not all, production on the map now uses that script. Just make sure that you have the GC script installed and activated before entering the new version of the map. There are some problems with the player triggers for all the production objects that use the GlobalCompany script on this map.

Thanks to Totenfarmer, for sharing a guide on how to fix the problem. You can read how to do it over at the official Farming Simulator forum.

There are also updates to how the map handles Seasons 19, like making some non-working ice covers work again. Updated March 23, The new version of the Kandelin map is ready for download. Here are some of the fundamental changes and additions:.

You can use your old Kandelin gamesave if you are willing to do some XML editing. Join the map makers Discord to learn more. You can download it from this page.

The modder has chosen Uploaded for the mod file. Search Search for: Search. Switch skin Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time.

Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Close Search for: Search.

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